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fine art weddings, boudoir & handcrafted films

located in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

proudly based in Kelowna, BC

My couples value photography beyond a price and prefer to have a connection with their photographer. It's more than just an item checked off on their list of wedding to-dos. It's more than getting yearly portraits done. It's taking the time to go dancing in a field, embracing the wind and the moment, and adventuring together. My couples are ready to jump on the bed, cuddle up by a fire, dance in the kitchen, and run down the halls. 

For me, photography is beyond creating beautiful images and sending you on your way. It's about friendship and trust. It's about emotion and story-telling. It's about laughter, tenderness, respect, and adventure. 

I want my work to do for you what finding old, handwritten love letters do for the soul. Nostalgia. Soulful connection.
Documenting your memories as they happen. 
Being able to be unabashedly in love. 
Getting completely and utterly wrapped up in the moment.


a little bit about

While many photographers choose to jump onto many of the editing trends, I prefer to keep the colour of my images true to life, ethereal & airy

true to life colour


Your love story being documented authentically is the most important aspect. I will only gently guide you into poses & let your chemistry do the rest.



Pretend there isn't a camera involved & just love on each other. I will do the rest. I want you looking at your loved ones & not into the camera lens. 

Your love story


Beautiful light will create beautiful images. We will always aim to shoot in locations with beautiful light during the best times of the day/season

beautiful light


Your relationships are unique, and your story is meant to be told.
My work is part fine art and part candid. All true colour. I adore those fleeting moments. Those unplanned, in between, real moments. And when it comes to portraits? I'm here to encourage a pose to evolve into something more. To show off your chemistry. To evoke what makes your love big. To me, a pose is just an opportunity to create a quiet moment to pause, connect, and let everything else dissolve into the background. To breathe and soak in every last second you can of a moment that passes at the blink of an eye. 

I'm here to tell a story. To tell your story. 
The real stuff.

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